Closeup Magic

Magic has been a traditional entertainment option for decades, as it can elevate any party or gathering with an exciting and unique experience.  It is one of those things that everyone talks about – even the next day! Closeup Magic is the type of magic that is performed right in front of you, so it is undeniable. Props can be touched, examined, and even borrowed which makes the magic even more impactful. Sleight of hand performances are real and memorable. You will walk away, simply put, with your mind blown.

Closeup Magic is Charlie’s favorite type of magic to perform, because it is casual, entertaining, and very effective. Charlie can walk up to a small group and wow them with his magic using cards, coins, and other small objects. The audience will often continue to grow and the conversation that follows is grounded in amazement and intrigue. Charlie can perform in a wide variety of venues including restaurants and trade shows and for events such as company parties, cocktail parties, and kid’s parties.

Kids Magic

Magic is one of the most unique ways to capture a group of children’s attention. Charlie’s kids shows engage the audience with balloon animals, juggling, and of course amazing magic. There is always lots of audience participation, which involves the kids and makes them excited to keep watching the show. Charlie comes prepared with a whole show that is designed for kids that packs streamlined and simple-to-understand magic into one experience that they will not forget. Plus, if it is for a birthday party, the birthday boy or girl will be the star assistant!



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I am a Realtor and hold yearly events for my clients and their children. Charlie has performed his spectacular magic for 2 of my events. He is dedicated to his craft, is the utmost professional and his magic truly is astounding. The adults come away with bewildered expressions asking, “how did he do that?” The kids are much so that any other activity offered is ignored. One attendee to this year’s event said that his 3 year old daughter was so enthralled by the magic that she is now getting a magic set from Santa, complete with cape, hat and wand. When Charlie performs he leaves an indelible impression on one and all. I plan to hire Charlie for many future clients would be extremely disappointed if I did not!
— Lori M.
Charlie Phillips is a charismatic showman and skilled magician that surprises his audiences, keeps them on their toes, and always asking for one more. I highly recommend him for functions.
— Bill S., Director, Marketing, TriNetX
A friend suggested that I look into having Charlie perform magic at my daughter’s 6th birthday party. It could not have been a better suggestion!! The kids were amazed, but the adults were, too! My daughter was even happier when she went to school that Monday and the kids were sharing what they did over the weekend with the rest of the class. All of the children who were at her party were talking about the magic show and how much fun they had. Not only was it great for the kids, but Charlie was so professional and talented—I was impressed with the way he weaved interesting stories into his tricks and was able to manage a group of relatively rowdy 3 to 6 year olds. I will definitely hire him again!
— Lauren B.



When I arrive at an event, my number one goal is to not only provide bewildering magic but to assure complete satisfaction with my services. Whatever the occasion, I guarantee to shock and amaze the crowd, creating a tremendous experience for everybody involved. 


About Me

My endeavor into magic began when

I was shown a simple magic trick performed by somebody I met at a wedding when I was 13. The trick left such a big impact on me, and I was so blown away that I decided it was something that I had to learn. Since then, I’ve been practicing for over three years and have been performing at corporate events, kid’s parties, and even on the street. I prefer magic that is more personal and interactive, which typically includes cards, coins, and other magic with small objects. The magic happens right in front of your face, which is why it is so amazing! This type of magic astounds the audience and always makes them ask “how did that happen” over and over again.